Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nel's card

Business card & logo for Nel
Nel asked me to design her business card; she wanted her logo to be a derivative of her Korean (Hangul) name. I liked what I came up with but thought that it was visually too complex as a logo. John suggested that it should take up an entire card, so I ended up with this double-sided card of a bold design. I thought the two circles, one within another, was pretty hip, and that became her logo, as shown on the back.

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waylan c said...

Hi Jeeyun!
My name is Waylan and I thought your design work (however much I've seen, mostly the business cards) is great. I'm no professional designer, but I mess with graphics when I can. I also have an affinity for incorporating native script into a logo. Personally, being Chinese, this finds me tweaking this written language most often. Anyway, your business card for Nel reminded me of Ahn Sang Soo, featured in THEME's Word Issue (Summer 2006). I love geometric/block text anything, so to see Hangul script like how you've done is really awesome. Thanks, hope to stay in touch with you (ie.. a Korean (-Am?) with a sensibility for art and design)