Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Cheers!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

John's logo

John's logo
I created this logo for John, my husband, who is a brilliant musician. The initial of his last name, the letter W, happens to be one of the many cool characters in the English alphabet, and I wanted to use it in the design. I ended up borrowing an existing electric circuit symbol for a resistor, such as a light bulb, that is on or connected, and which at the same time looks like the letter W.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Updating logo for AMRC

Updating logo for AMRC

My Friend in Hong Kong asked me to update the logo for AMRC.
AMRC is an NGO working on labor related issues in Asia. I incorporated the Chinese character 人 (in) meaning 'human' for their humanitarian cause; at the same time it resembles the letter A.

I've designed logos for NGOs before, and I like it when I can work the regional identity into the design. I avoid using map imagery (unless it's required) because most countries or regional maps are not a successful visual signifier to the viewer.

Nel's card

Business card & logo for Nel
Nel asked me to design her business card; she wanted her logo to be a derivative of her Korean (Hangul) name. I liked what I came up with but thought that it was visually too complex as a logo. John suggested that it should take up an entire card, so I ended up with this double-sided card of a bold design. I thought the two circles, one within another, was pretty hip, and that became her logo, as shown on the back.